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Chu Shen God's Kitchen

This is because there is no cash, there is no choice but to play the demo mode, which is as exciting as real trading. It's like eating a burger instead of eating a cheese sandwich. It is just different.





The denomination number will start at 0.10, but it can actually be further reduced to only 0.01, so that the kitchen of God caters to the public.

Derby Express

Derby is a horse named after Derby Stakes at the Epsom Downs Racecourse in England. This was in turn named after Derby 12th Earl Edward Smith - Stanley, who unveiled the game in 1780. Perhaps the most original example is the Kentucky Derby competition in the United States.



Traditionally, the term "derby" is strictly used to refer to a three-year-old child's game because the British and American Triple Crown games are both. The most notable exceptions to this rule are the Hong Kong Derby and the Singapore Derby.

Crazy 7

Catchy sound effects deal with players from the first time. No Wild, Scatter icon and free spins. The biggest jackpot you can win is 400 coins. All symbols are 7 colors in different colors. The highest reward is 200 coins. Therefore, on the active reel you can only see 7 red, blue and green icons. The brighter the icon you capture, the more money you make. If you see 3 red 7, your amount may double. Although this traditional slot machine has simple design and rules, it requires the player to be very patient.


To start the game, each time you turn a fixed bet, the coin size ranges from 5 to 50 cents or 1 to 5 dollars. Determining the final bet will give you more chances to win. There are 2 buttons where you can press "Bet One" and "Bet Max". The first one gives you 1 coin and the other gives you 2 coins. After clicking (+), you will activate the game process.

Derby Night

There are also plenty of bonus games including Jackpot Jockeys, Free Spin Jockeys, Wild Horses and Mystery Bonus Game. With a choice of 800 different lines, coin and coin value combinations, this is definitely a slot machine game that allows you to enjoy real money through slot machines for all experienced and budgeted players, with a bet of only 0.01 coins.



Promote it by a coach who finds up to 300 coins, a hostess of up to 500 coins, and a winner's bouquet of up to 1,000 coins. Of course, the highest payout bonus is reserved for the winner's cup, worth up to 1,500 coins. The game has four bonus symbols to find two jockeys and two horses, each with a function.

Da Fu Xiao Fu

Unlike many other Spade Gaming slots, the background setting has no pictures or scenes, but is rich in gold and bronze with a delicate embossed pattern on the top. In this elegant background, the white of the reel contrasts sharply with it, but the symbols contained on it are once again auspicious, representing extreme wealth.





To get a prize, you need to match the symbols on the valid payline; all symbols have different values. Lower-value symbols need to match three to pay for the bonus, while others cost a little more than just pay for two matches.

Double Fortune

The “Double Happiness” logo is a symbol of celebration and good fortune. People begin to post signs on their doors during the wedding and offer wedding gifts in pairs to double the wishes of newlyweds! The Double Fortune is a 5-axis, 3-row video slot with dual symbols and free spins, with two 5 x 3 reels. Whenever a payline win involves one or more double symbols, the winning double symbol will count as two symbols when calculating the current spin victory!





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