Dragon Gold

Developers have created Chinese-themed games that are particularly good, which is a very evocative exception to pornography and images. The background is ambiguous and reminiscent of a remote location in the beautiful East. It is subtly adjusted to red and is the most auspicious color in Chinese culture.





If you use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to make a selection, you can reduce the number of paylines. Using fewer paylines means that your chances of winning won't be too high, but you will also get a lower bet! Another way to influence how much you pay is to set the value of the coin. You can choose from anything from a minimum of 0.01 to a maximum of 1.00, and you can play up to 10 coins per payline.

Dragon Tiger

The powerful white tiger and the terrible dragon are deeply rooted in Chinese culture and mythology. Although the White Tiger is known as the guardian of evil and disease, the dragon symbolizes a powerful and auspicious power. These two creatures will face each other in this Chinese-themed game. Open the Tiger and Dragon online slot game and send our evaluation team directly to the ancient Chinese wall, with a guard tower on the right and green and mountains in the distance. There is also a symbolic interceptor in the game, which is a gray tile depicting two creatures that will determine the effective way to win in rotation.


The Tiger and Dragon is a video slot with six reels, 10 lines and up to 1 million ways. The actual number of roads is randomly selected for each rotation by a special reel mechanic. Pay for adjacent symbols only from left to right.

Father vs Zombies

Father is the key symbol in the game of power, and other symbols show the chaos around the house. In contrast, the mother managed to keep the house tidy during the Easy Game. Their sons appear in two modes, making play more interesting. Once they get together in 3 or more Zombie Dance Party symbols, they get 10 free spins with different multipliers. In addition, bad zombies attack our gracious family in bonus games with 2 or more parent symbols and zombie symbols. You have to choose a weapon against the bad zombies. You have 3 attempts to kill them as much as possible and get high magnification in this free video slot and rotate for free.





Drunken Jungle

This video slot may have only three reels, but there are many ideas that have been used to create this very original game. In the background, you will see the dry prairie plains, terracotta and amber sky, and rock outcrops on the horizon. Tenacious trees spread around and curled up together - but what animals might be hidden underneath?


There is only one payline for this game, but there are nine different possible winning combinations. The value of each coin can be set between 0.10 and 20.00, and up to 3 coins can be bet, providing a degree of versatility for the bet. The odds table reflects the different levels of bets, with three separate columns showing that you can win by betting one, two or three coins. This helps determine how much you want to bet in each rotation.

First Love

Play this well-crafted adult entertainment themed video slot and bring a lot of games by showing icons including vibrators, magazines, condoms, mobile phones and love letters. In addition to this, you will also see the fun of the great adult entertainment online slot machines of Ace, King, Queen and Jack. Bet $0.50 up to $250.00 and you can be sure to enter First Love's ideal teir. Try to get a lot of girls crazy to get a big payment from First Love.





I really appreciate the First Love Hentai Wild Feature and its fun. This begins once you get a random chance in any rotation. Special rewards begin when you get three or more teacher scatter symbols. This free game is a great way to collect large sums of money. A Rocking Reels started by playing free-to-play features, which seemed to work very well in my discovery.


As technology advances, more and more payment lines have increased. When the video slot appears, the machine's improved processing capabilities allow for link jackpots and exciting rewards. But slot machine gamblers may be a nostalgic group. For every 4,096 winning slots that attract players, there is a simple game, the smallest line of victory and no bonus. Still, nothing in Genesis Gaming's portfolio is close to the simplicity of the Fa Fa Fa slot.


This is a 3-reel video slot with a horizontal payline in the middle. There is only one character, a common phrase 'Fa', which is roughly translated as "Law" or "Standard". When it comes to this online slot, everything is very "standard" classic slot machine gambling.

Fist of Gold

The last chance to withdraw from the free golden boxing, if you accept the challenge, then there is no turning back. These are not just any old free spins, if you have already tried to reach this stage, then you deserve to be rewarded with this gambling game. Free spins activate the scrolling reels, and for each mini-game spin, you have the chance to trigger up to 10 times the multiplier to get a lot of victories.





243 ways to win online slot machines, the Golden Fist won by Spade Gaming is the ultimate action theme slot, the only Bruce Lee as the star of the show. If gamblers want to have the opportunity to take home the powerful bonuses that this online gambling game has replaced, gamblers must fight for the legendary champion.

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