Hey, they focus on providing slots for the Asian market, with a focus on a variety of Asian themes. However, they do have an international perspective and offer games in multiple currencies and languages. Online casinos in most areas will offer all the SA game products that online gamblers have access to. The Lucky Cup video slot is faithful to the company's roots and provides a rich history and culture. From the game design to the symbols on the reels, everything is about luck and prosperity. Fans of any Asian theme slot will recognize the importance of game color choices and symbols such as gold ingots and coins.


Fun Paradise Le Tian Tang

Here are the reviews from Fun Paradise from Spade Gaming and everything you need to know. Spade Gaming and Fun Paradise created a playful game where the angels are sexy and sexy and wear very little. By clicking the button to move to the payment form, you can find the action you want to win.





All symbols have different values, and you can start with two or three symbols on the active payline. The symbol of the highest value - the golden angel - will be generously registered for a victory, just having one of her portraits on the screen.

Goblin Treasure

With 25 paylines and 5 reels, these slot machines will take you into a world full of fantasy and wealth. Your adventure begins with 5 reels, 25 paylines appear on a dark background, the background is brown, and dangerous lava is sprayed on the screen. You may need a flash when playing this.




In order to form a winning combination, the wild (Gnomes) symbol replaces all other symbols on the reels, prohibiting the dispersal of symbols (castle). Then multiply the scattered victory by the total bet you bet. Related to the wild, there is one, it only appears on the reel 1, which is quite stupid to tell the truth. However, it did win with a multiplier of up to 5 times. Note that scatter does not trigger the free spin function, but only provides scatter plots when two or more are placed on the reels.

Funky Monkey

A limited number of paylines reduces the chances of players winning prizes, which can be objectionable to many casino players. However, this new title is the perfect game style for those who are new to the entire slot type, as it gives them a chance to better understand how these games work. With the flickering lights and the minimal interference of cheesy gimmicks, there are some things to say about the simple Funky Monkey.


The "Bet One" button increases the amount of bets and the amount that can be won. At the minimum bet amount, the winning prize ranges from 10 times to 800 times the bet amount; the middle of the pay table shows that the player can win between 20 and 1,600 times the amount already placed, and the highest bet available Part of the game gives players a chance to win 30 times to 2,500 times the amount of bet. For such a basic and simple game, these prizes are very high and very attractive for some players.

Golden Chicken

Legend has it that a chicken (or cock) is a totem animal that highlights your inner uniqueness. It is also a symbol of those who never give up, plus a symbol of power. Spade Gaming has used them to create an online slot machine that offers bonus rounds, free spins, scattered, wild and 2,000x non-cumulative bonuses for your bets.





The screen itself is dark red, which is perfect for the theme, because red is a symbol of luck and is considered to prevent evil. The buzz in the center of the screen is a slot machine with the following symbols; hip hop children, golden eggs, gemstone chicken, various oriental symbols, such as the infamous Chinese lanterns, then you will find the card value 9,10, J , Q, K and A.

Gangster AXE

Daxie will definitely win many awards! It is also reminiscent of this shattered movie, and it seems to be a shameless borrowing of some of its elements. In addition to looking beautiful, it is very playable and has endless fun.





As you might guess from the name, it has an exciting gangster or criminal group theme, and you may have all the necessary roles associated with such an illegal group. The characters in the game include a heavy, hatded criminal boss, a pretty handsome, perfect man and a seemingly mean guy, a middle-aged and heavy frown woman with her hair on the rollers, a bald head, and glasses And the smirking gentleman, it seems that not all that is legal, there is a chubby sumo wrestler.

Chinese Kitchen

Usually we will hear the storms and strange events in this part of the world, and the planes, boats and many other things will disappear without a trace. Over the years, many pOnline casino slot machines have used some very common themes. Although some people choose pure glitz and charm, others have embarked on the road to the East. Considering that these topics are often used, you may be forgiven for being tired of them.


The image is black and white until the reel decides to stop spinning. Under the guidance of our talented chef, the information that will be used to help you in your game. The information displayed is as follows; win, bet and line bet. Under the scroll, you can find the button to play this game. You will be able to adjust your bets, access payment forms, maximum bets and spins.

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