Even if the game loads, the taskbar will be filled with bullets, which indicates that the slot machine has been developed. You can see towns and towns behind the reels, and even the payline instructions on each side are designed like the sheriff's badge, and the wooden effect of the symbol completes the picture.


The value of cowboy hats is 20 times, 60 times and 200 times, respectively, but the actors in this story will get the best results, and everyone will show another beautiful touch on an all-night poster. The Sheriff pays the highest standard symbol bonus for a 50x, 200x or 1,000x online bet, but even so, it is affected by potential payments from wild symbols.


Bright doors lead to nightclubs, which are placed on either side of the reel, surrounded by flashing lights. On top of the main game, we saw 4 progressive jackpots, each with a steadily rising value, and below is a series of control buttons, each with lots of lighting effects around it. At the top of the odds table, there is a beautiful singer. When she is on the 1 and 2 reels, her value is 3 times the line bet, and the woman's entire line wins 80 times the coin victory.



Then we have a handsome guy with a hat, worth up to 70 times the line, another girl wearing a traditional red dress will pay up to 60 times the cost, there is also a bald, mysterious character in his sunglasses and smoking, who It looks very evil and it is worth 60% of the stocks.

POP Kittens

Because WMS finds the perfect balance between reasonable bets and high returns, they are not empty. Match the same symbol to depict the milk bottle, the Kitty collar and the ball of yarn, and you will win the grand prize. Tiger, Bubbles and Mr. Whiskers are the three heroes of this game, they can fill the entire reel when they pop up.




Play OMG! The kitten slot, as it is about free spins, you must find the Scatter symbol in the three sequences to trigger the bonus round. The bonus won during the free spin varies depending on which of the three main characters popped up. Tiger’s profit will increase to 10 times.


Players can try to collect them on any of the 25 paylines to get a generous reward. The number of coins that can be won depends on the size of the bet placed, and each rotated bet ranges from 25 to 100,000. Such an impressive bet allows users to win up to 16,000,000 coins and win a jackpot.



The unique zombie team and its parrots are prepared to pay $2 to $16 million for five combinations on the screen. The anchors, pistols, barrels and other items provided for the ship are valued at up to 1,200,000 coins for the maximum value on the payline. In addition, Jolly Roger's image plays an extended wild role in this game, so it appears on the reels to replace other icons and provide winning combinations more frequently. It can only fall on the second, third and fourth reels.

Panthera Pardus

Get ready to meet black panthers, cheetahs, leopards and snow leopards in this psychedelic forest! Be prepared to look at the big cat's eyes because they are disguised in the forest, I hope you can win the grand prize, or on the other hand you might be their midnight snack!





However, there are a number of special bonus symbols, including a game logo that can replace others, creating additional winning combinations, and the main pig symbol to start a fun karate mini-game. They also added free spins and jackpots to this online casino slot machine.



Symbols are a collection of items and characters that may be found in a martial arts school (or at least one run by a pig), from the lowest value we have a bonsai tree, colorful food carts and hedgehogs, each landing 3 reels When it pays 20 times the line bet, the value of the 4 types is 40x, and the full line of 5 pays 180x.

Queen Femida

The studio caters to the Asian audience, not only has a wide portfolio of games, but also a large amount of software for the B2B space.


As for its reel machines, they are often inspired by certain themes, always have features, and more importantly, they are often associated with progressive jackpots. Other popular songs found in the manufacturer's portfolio include Fairy Moon Goddess, Mayan life elements, dragon resurrection and great richness, to name a few.

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