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Bright doors lead to nightclubs, which are placed on either side of the reel, surrounded by flashing lights. On top of the main game, we saw 4 progressive jackpots, each with a steadily rising value, and below is a series of control buttons, each with lots of lighting effects around it. At the top of the odds table, there is a beautiful singer. When she is on the 1 and 2 reels, her value is 3 times the line bet, and the woman's entire line wins 80 times the coin victory.



Then we have a handsome guy with a hat, worth up to 70 times the line, another girl wearing a traditional red dress will pay up to 60 times the cost, there is also a bald, mysterious character in his sunglasses and smoking, who It looks very evil and it is worth 60% of the stocks.

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