Dragon Gold

The background is ambiguous and reminiscent of a remote location in the beautiful East. It is subtly adjusted to red and is the most auspicious color in Chinese culture. The scrolls are in stark contrast to the fantastic background, with vibrant colors and clear lines. The roof of the pagoda covers the game board, giving you doubts about where to go.





All symbols have different values, so each symbol will receive a different reward. Some lower value symbols require three matches on the active payline for payment, while some higher value symbols require only two matches. The most important symbols are even less, just pay for one.

Dragon Tiger

Some games tend to be played by players who like to bet a little more each time, but have a greater chance of winning, even if the win is just an even bet or a similar bet. Blackjack is a popular game like this, but so is baccarat. In fact, baccarat is probably the most common game related to higher scrolling. After all, James Bond played against Le Chiffre in the original Royal Casino.


It's essentially a single draw betting game with some very simple rules about what the winning card is, what the failed card is, and the amount you pay if you make the right bet at any time. The game begins with the player selecting the selected coin denomination they want to play, with options of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50 and 100 chips.

Dragon Tiger (Red)

Legend believes that there was a terrible white tiger and green dragon in ancient China. Their mission is to protect tempting wealth and wealth. Now, there are rumors that these treasures are hidden on the scrolls of the tiger dragon. Anyone who spins the reel can find them!


The reviewed version is one of the rare games with an extended grid and a large number of paylines. Therefore, its layout has a 6x10 configuration, and the winning combination is formed in a million ways. The total bet is adjustable, with a bet of 0.20 to 35 per rotation. The machine can be played in both manual and automatic modes.

Dragon Tiger(Blue)

Dragon / Tiger is a typical Asian game, based entirely on external control points, which is difficult for Western gamblers to grasp and can look for any tiny percentage advantage on the edge of the house. The game can be thought of as a symbolic "battle" between the two forces of yin and yang - the yin dragon represents Tiger and Yang (this excellent article explains this more fully). But in fact this is just about the dealer flipping two cards and the highest one wins!


As you might expect, the game is only available in casinos featuring Asian feeds. As you might expect, this Asian focus means that players can spend an incredibly high amount of money in such a simple game - an amazing £10,000 on Happy8, which offers many interesting game versions. Includes 3D, 2d, multiplayer and glamorous 7 people.

Emperor Gate

With the Emperor Gate, the developer Spade Gaming takes you to another level, and you have to face the Empire leader in the battle for cash prizes. The game is simple and complex, with alternating graphics and simple design.





If you have three or more distractions, you will get a win and your bet multiple plus you will get a free spin. During these free spins, the same prize can be re-triggered indefinitely, so it can be of great value. To get the multiplier and free spin, you will be able to choose from the five images of the emperor; everyone has a mysterious value, but you can get some kind of reward.

Dragon Tiger(Green)

Evolution today launched its latest game Dragon Tiger. Dragon Tiger is a derivative of baccarat, but it is a simpler game. Both cards are dealt with, one card in the Dragon position and the other card in Tiger.The highest card wins. Aces counts as one and King is the highest card. Players can choose any location or choose a Tie with two options.


Enchanted Garden

This casino game can be played on a wide variety of devices, and it's even one of the few games that can really be labeled as a BlackBerry slot machine. This is a 5-volume 20-line slot machine game that is most likely to attract fans of other mysterious theme slots, such as WMS's Fairy's Fortune, Novomatic's Fairy Queen, and Blue Print Gaming.





In Free Spins, you'll notice that there is a Firefly symbol in the background of some symbols. Three or more firefly symbols appearing anywhere on the reel will give you 3 re-trigger free games.

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