• Casino War

    Depending on the number of decks used, there is always less than 3% of the edge of the house during the war, and always surrendering to raise the edge of the house to around 3.7%. The difference is due to the player winning the war if it is also a draw.

  • Circus

    Circus is a sports betting site that also offers live casino events. This is a complete package and the only qualification to join is in Belgium. If you can pick this box, the rest should be smooth.

  • Discovery

    Join the brave captain and use the compass and other symbols of the game to reach the goal, create winning combinations and master more coins. In addition, some icons have some special features that you can try and benefit from. The last word is yours, because you are the captain of this ship. In any case, play all 25 paylines to increase your chances of winning the grand prize here!

  • Dragon Tiger(Blue)

    Dragon / Tiger is a typical Asian game, based entirely on external control points, which is difficult for Western gamblers to grasp and can look for any tiny percentage advantage on the edge of the house. The game can be thought of as a symbolic "battle" between the two forces of yin and yang - the yin dragon represents Tiger and Yang (this excellent article explains this more fully). But in fact this is just about the dealer flipping two cards and the highest one wins!

  • Enchanted Garden

    This casino game can be played on a wide variety of devices, and it's even one of the few games that can really be labeled as a BlackBerry slot machine. This is a 5-volume 20-line slot machine game that is most likely to attract fans of other mysterious theme slots, such as WMS's Fairy's Fortune, Novomatic's Fairy Queen, and Blue Print Gaming.

  • Star996

    Star996 is an addictive online gambling and entertainment online casino gambling games. About thes Sports, we also provide first-class Casino, Games, Poker and Bingo rooms on the internet platform. For sports and financials gambling, we are fully licensed and regulated by the Gaming Associates (GA). Our Casino, Games, Poker and Bingo operations are fully licensed and regulated by the government of Philippines.