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  • Alice


    The Alice Bonus symbol is scattered with Eat Me / Drink Me. Players can rotate the slot reels for free on the website or visit any Playson Casino to play real money games.

  • Dragons Legend

    Dragons Legend

    This is a very nice version of Rabcat Gaming with some great animations and a storyline with a young girl and her pet dragon. Bonus games are innovative and fun, so read on for more information.

  • Fortune Tree

    Fortune Tree

    Lucky Tree is a five-reel supported by Bally Technologies with 30 payline slots. The theme is Chinese, based on Lucky Tree, which can be played on desktops, mobile devices and tablets, with 30 to £45 per spin. It has 3 additional features that can be played in landscape and portrait views.

  • Golden Rooster

    Golden Rooster

    The actual name about this slot seems a bit confusing because in the game the title contains the word "gold" and a picture of a cock. Many people seem to call it "gold", but we are struggling for the "Golden Rooster" because it seems more meaningful to us. After all, when it comes to online slot machines, we are the most important.

  • Grand Blue

    Grand Blue

    With the height of the slot machine game, rewards can make your day brighter. Well, before you win, the time of the game and the expectations may be a bit long. But because the wonderful themes and effects make the environment fascinating, it usually takes time.

  • Pirate's Treasure

    Pirate's Treasure

    This is a fairly small betting range, making this slot machine ideal for low-rollers and more cautious players. You can also use automatic rotation, so you don't have to press "Rotate" every time to enjoy some hands-free games.

  • Robin Hood

    Robin Hood

    As everyone knows, the title character itself is a heroic gangster in British folklore. He is said to be a skilled archer and swordsman. He is usually portrayed as wearing Lincoln's green, and he is known to take away from the rich and use his band men to give the poor. The oldest reference to nominal characters is not history, but hints and hints that are actually found in various works.

  • The Magician Plus

    The Magician Plus

    The game's business end is a re-trigger free spin feature that gets 12 free spins, full of stickiness and extended wildness. The theme of the slot is about a magician trading on the street, which reminds us of David Brian and his antics.