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  • Chinese Kitchen

    Chinese Kitchen

    Usually we will hear the storms and strange events in this part of the world, and the planes, boats and many other things will disappear without a trace. Over the years, many pOnline casino slot machines have used some very common themes. Although some people choose pure glitz and charm, others have embarked on the road to the East. Considering that these topics are often used, you may be forgiven for being tired of them.

  • Crazy 7

    Crazy 7

    Catchy sound effects deal with players from the first time. No Wild, Scatter icon and free spins. The biggest jackpot you can win is 400 coins. All symbols are 7 colors in different colors. The highest reward is 200 coins. Therefore, on the active reel you can only see 7 red, blue and green icons. The brighter the icon you capture, the more money you make. If you see 3 red 7, your amount may double. Although this traditional slot machine has simple design and rules, it requires the player to be very patient.

  • Derby Express

    Derby Express

    Derby is a horse named after Derby Stakes at the Epsom Downs Racecourse in England. This was in turn named after Derby 12th Earl Edward Smith - Stanley, who unveiled the game in 1780. Perhaps the most original example is the Kentucky Derby competition in the United States.

  • Double Fortune

    Double Fortune

    The “Double Happiness” logo is a symbol of celebration and good fortune. People begin to post signs on their doors during the wedding and offer wedding gifts in pairs to double the wishes of newlyweds! The Double Fortune is a 5-axis, 3-row video slot with dual symbols and free spins, with two 5 x 3 reels. Whenever a payline win involves one or more double symbols, the winning double symbol will count as two symbols when calculating the current spin victory!

  • Dragon Gold

    Dragon Gold

    Developers have created Chinese-themed games that are particularly good, which is a very evocative exception to pornography and images. The background is ambiguous and reminiscent of a remote location in the beautiful East. It is subtly adjusted to red and is the most auspicious color in Chinese culture.

  • Dragon Tiger

    Dragon Tiger

    The powerful white tiger and the terrible dragon are deeply rooted in Chinese culture and mythology. Although the White Tiger is known as the guardian of evil and disease, the dragon symbolizes a powerful and auspicious power. These two creatures will face each other in this Chinese-themed game. Open the Tiger and Dragon online slot game and send our evaluation team directly to the ancient Chinese wall, with a guard tower on the right and green and mountains in the distance. There is also a symbolic interceptor in the game, which is a gray tile depicting two creatures that will determine the effective way to win in rotation.

  • FA FA FA

    FA FA FA

    As technology advances, more and more payment lines have increased. When the video slot appears, the machine's improved processing capabilities allow for link jackpots and exciting rewards. But slot machine gamblers may be a nostalgic group. For every 4,096 winning slots that attract players, there is a simple game, the smallest line of victory and no bonus. Still, nothing in Genesis Gaming's portfolio is close to the simplicity of the Fa Fa Fa slot.

  • Fist of Gold

    Fist of Gold

    The last chance to withdraw from the free golden boxing, if you accept the challenge, then there is no turning back. These are not just any old free spins, if you have already tried to reach this stage, then you deserve to be rewarded with this gambling game. Free spins activate the scrolling reels, and for each mini-game spin, you have the chance to trigger up to 10 times the multiplier to get a lot of victories.

  • Fu Bei Lucky Cups

    Fu Bei Lucky Cups

    Hey, they focus on providing slots for the Asian market, with a focus on a variety of Asian themes. However, they do have an international perspective and offer games in multiple currencies and languages. Online casinos in most areas will offer all the SA game products that online gamblers have access to. The Lucky Cup video slot is faithful to the company's roots and provides a rich history and culture. From the game design to the symbols on the reels, everything is about luck and prosperity. Fans of any Asian theme slot will recognize the importance of game color choices and symbols such as gold ingots and coins.

  • Gangster AXE

    Gangster AXE

    Daxie will definitely win many awards! It is also reminiscent of this shattered movie, and it seems to be a shameless borrowing of some of its elements. In addition to looking beautiful, it is very playable and has endless fun.

  • Goblin Treasure

    Goblin Treasure

    With 25 paylines and 5 reels, these slot machines will take you into a world full of fantasy and wealth. Your adventure begins with 5 reels, 25 paylines appear on a dark background, the background is brown, and dangerous lava is sprayed on the screen. You may need a flash when playing this.