There are grapes, lemons, cherries, harvests, bananas, rickshaws, oranges and Venus. Even small cherries and lemons can give you up to 2,000 coins. You can win 3,000 coins by playing plump and orange. Bananas can bring up to 10,000 coins. However, as the most serious winning combination of the seven-a-side system, you are rewarded with 20,000 coins! Free slot machine games are free to rotate and can be used at any time without downloading.

Before playing the game, you need to determine the amount of the bet. The minimum bet is 1 coin and other sizes, which you can find under the reel. The "Start" button activates playback. This process can be continuous due to the "autoplay" function. The jackpot includes winning by selecting 3 same decks after each spin.